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About us

Al Attar

Herbs & Spices

Bättre smak Sverige AB (556984-3435)

Al Attar Herbs & Spices produces spices and herbs from all continents with Swedish quality, Austrian exhibition with wholesale prices directly from the source without intermediaries. Fresh spices painted on site to deliver the best and fresh flavor.

Al Attar Herbs & Spices is a shop that has gathered spices from all corners of the world under one roof. Here you will find everything in spices, coffee, nuts, beans and other natural products. The savory spices are ground in place for guaranteed freshness and for the absolute best taste experience, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with tips on different spice mixtures.

The goods are imported directly from the source, without intermediaries, which means we can offer the highest quality at low wholesale prices.

Bring a piece of world home, warmly welcome to us.